Cloudberry Kingdoms behöver din hjälp!

Cloudberry Kingdoms är ett plattformsspel som varit under utveckling i drygt ett år - och Pwnee Studios - utvecklarna bakom spelet behöver nu din hjälp för att färdigställa projektet. Utvecklarna kallar titeln för "Hardest Plattformer Ever" och för att stödja deras påstående så har Pwnee släppt en trailer till spelet:


Three years ago we set out on a quest to design the platformer to end all platformers. We started off by constructing an artificial intelligence capable of designing levels on demand, suitable for any difficulty level and built to any specification. The construction was an arduous task. We had to teach the AI everything we knew about level design: flow, spacing, rhythm, player expectation. Then we had to guarantee that everything the AI constructed was possible to beat and suitable for the right skill level….

Unfortunately designing the AI was a long process, and now we are totally out of funds to make the game look pretty. Or to finish the cut-scenes for our campaign. Or to feed our programmer.

But you can help! (Alright, you already knew that part, but seriously, you can help) With your help we can finish the most awesome platformer this world has ever seen. Alexander could stop crying, knowing that he would have an eternal challenge.

What will we do with the funds, exactly, to make this insanity become reality?

  • We’ll hire a full time artist to make the game shine in all its glory.
  • We’ll find an animator to help polish the game and make some awesome cinematics. We promise the cinematics will be less ridiculous than our kickstarter video.
  • If any money is left over we will probably upgrade our programmer’s diet regime from cat food to human food. Maybe.

If the project gets over funded then we will go really crazy. The AI gets more powerful the more obstacles we design for the game. Every time we add a new obstacle the AI quickly learns how to use it and then can immediately start designing levels with it, combining it with any of the other obstacles already in the game. The same is true for heroes. We can design new heroes, with totally new physics and controls, and the AI will figure out how to design levels specifically for that hero. This leads to an awesome combinatorial explosion of insane potential, and the more funding we get the more material we can give to the AI to make really unique levels and a truly awesome experience.

Kickstartern finner ni här




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