Desk klarar Kens SF3 Online Edition Trials med en hand

Desk är en riktig fighting-galning, och nu har han klarat Kens trials med en jävla hand. Behold!


Desk yttrar sig:


"Ken's combo trials with one hand. The dragon punches are the most difficult part of every combo that includes them.

The first 3 trials are fairly standard but spacing is absolutely vital for completing the final 2. For no. 4 vs Elena, you should aim to be a few steps away when executing the EX-Tatsu. This will cause you to cross up and hit slightly meaty with final kick, allowing the super to combo. For the final combo vs Q, you should aim to start in the same position I do in the video. From there you simply have to activate the 2nd super on the earliest possible frame and the 2 x Shoryukens are not to tough to add on the end (if you're using both hands).

The final clip is parrying the intial 5 hits of Chun's super, blocking 2 hits, then re-parrying the 2nd set, starting with a red parry. The thing in my other hand is a drumstick


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