Street Fighter V kommer innan år 2019

Eurogamer har snackat med Capcoms Seth Killian om när vi kan förvänta oss den oundvikliga releasen av Street Fighter 5.


"If I have anything to say about it, and I do, you will not have to wait ten years for Street Fighter 5," Killian said. "It will be before 2019. Now I'm going to be fired for promising Street Fighter 5 before 2019. I think I should be OK. We'll see. They'll do 2020 just to screw me and make me look like an ass."

Citat igen:

"This is one of those trap questions where the more I say the less likely it is to come true, where it's like if I've got my idea out there and then there's one guy on the internet who says that's a stupid idea, the whole team will take [it] and go, look, see, it's a stupid idea!

"I have to be very guarded. Or the case will be some other game cops the idea. That happens all of the time. With the rebirth of fighters there's a lot of great games coming out. I'm always paranoid when I'm looking at new games to see if someone's stolen one of the ideas I have in my notebook of awesome stuff. It's not like they've read my notebook or they've cheated me out of it. They've come to it on their own clever reasoning."


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