The Making of Scrolls - Part 1


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"During our time filming at Mojang for the Minecraft documentary, we had the chance to cover the development of another game that was taking place alongside of Minecraft. This game, which would eventually come to be named "Scrolls", would be the main focus of Jakob Porser, long time friend of Markus "Notch" Persson and co-founder of the company.

Concieved by Jakob and Markus durning their time working together at, the idea for Scrolls became a reality when Minecraft's success led to the founding of Mojang. While Markus continued to work on Minecraft, Jakob would lead the development of Scrolls. He would soon be joined by Markus 'Junkboy' Toivonen, Daniel Frisk, Mattis Grahm, and Henrik Pettersson. The tactical card game would feature detailed art and 2D animation, a drastic change from the blocky open world of Minecraft.

The Scrolls documentary will be a multi-part series chronicling the stages of the games developement, as well as the hardships faced by Mojang along the way."


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